Civil Law

Claim and defence in the event of potential breach of contract and termination or enforcement of contracts; eviction for lack of payment, rental contracts, draft and analysis of the several hiring forms; non payment claims by means of pre-court or court proceedings; civil liability for damage and new building injunction, possessory.

FAMILY LAW: Proceedings regarding individuals’ ability (disability, restoration of capability, guardianship, curatorship); separation, divorce, modification of terms, request for alimony.

REAL ESTATE AND NOTARIAL LAW: Contract for sale and purchase and all requirements related to the process of signing the Title Deeds, and also producing legal reports on suitability (DDR); notary’s attestations, ownership proceedings, first registration in the Land Registry and enforcement of bank guarantees.

INHERITANCE LAW: Wills, decrees pronouncing heirs in the absence of a will, inheritance award and settlement, by either last will or intestacy, in a friendly manner or by probate action.