Labour Law

Consultancy on issues related to collective agreements and contracts, types and terms of contract, alteration on terms of employment, structure and salary, mobility clauses, significant modifications on terms of employment, working hours, holiday, misconduct and sanctions, and also termination of employment contracts and all the proceedings to be dealt with before the Social Jurisdiction.

 We provide expert advice on the fulfilment of the obligations established in the regulations within the framework of Employment, Social Security and Health and Safety at work. Also, you can consult us on giving proper form, modifying and terminating work contracts for executive company positions, Social Security schemes and contributions, conducting administrative remedy and action against administration in regards to settlement and infringement records initiated by Employment Inspection and non-fulfilment of the regulations specifically focused on and derived from work-related injuries. In that sense, we have a wide experience on mediation in dispute resolution with employees’ representatives carrying out Health and Safety duties (Health and Safety delegates), in relation to the consultation and participation duties that confer them the Law on Health and Safety at work, Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales.

 Likewise, we take part in producing pension schemes on the employment system, modifying commitments acquired through pensions within the scope of collective bargaining, drawing commitments acquired through pensions by means of pension schemes and insurance contracts. We can also advice you on social forecast instruments in the event of company close down and on valid instruments for its externalization and loans besides legal assistance on claims arising from social forecast for the company and the employees.

 One of the most relevant aspects of our service is the right to collective bargaining. Collective bargaining not only allows participating in the negotiations for collective agreements, but also in the negotiations for non-statutory covenants, agreements between company and employee, restructuring and reorganizing –not only in those proceedings pleaded to the Company Court as redundancy measures submitted to the Labour Authority‑, early retirements, revenue systems and social plans design including proceedings for substantially modifying the terms of employment.

Another key factor is our deep knowledge of the relations with Trade Unions as they play an essential role within the performance of labour relations through their Divisions, Union Representatives’ Committees and any other representatives for the employees. We expertise on the specific proceedings for electing union representatives within the company, objecting the decision of an arbitrator, mediation and any other issues within the framework of trade union related law.

 On the area of procedural law, absolute knowledge in handling redundancy proceedings, defence and legal assistance in court and pre-court administrative proceedings, defence of employees, companies and trade unions in labour disputes filed to the relevant authorities -SERCLA or CMAC-; claim proceedings before the Social Jurisdiction in general and specifically in those cases involving protection of freedom to join a Union and infringement of basic rights.